Most automotive enthusiasts are capable of doing a lot of their own work but sometimes run into an issue they don't know enough about to tackle themselves causing this stage of a project to be pushed to the bottom of the "do list" or sitting on the "I'll get around to it one day" shelf.  In a lot of cases further progress cannot be made until these issues are resolved. This can be frustrating and may require you to send your project out to a shop to get worked on.
        Innovative Autowire was started because of situations like that. We will come to you and help you work through these processes that are keeping you from completing your project.
    Because Innovative Autowire services is mobile we can literally help you in the comfort of your own enviroment where you can be a part of the process.  

Some services we offer are as follows:
        -Diagnostics and trouble shooting
        -Harness modification and replacement
        -Underhood/under dash clean up
        -Trailer wiring
        -Lighting conversions
        -2 way radios
        -Brake controllers
        -GPS units
        -Camera systems
        -Winch repairs
        -Steering column repairs and modifications

    Mechanical repair services also available

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services.